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  • Online Store Enablement
  • Manage Multiple Brands/Products 
  • Mobility-Enabled Operations
  • Picking Plan and Execution
  • Order Label Printing
  • Inventory & Location Management
  • Connect to Market Places
  • Connect to Last-Mile Delivery Providers
  • Cycle Count & Adjustment
  • Notifications and Exception


Technology is playing a key role in overcoming the e-commerce challenges of many companies like B2B logistics or distributors expanding the logistics operations into an e-commerce fulfillment center. It is an e-commerce enabler with multiple shared product brands managing fulfillment of high order volume per day or a brand retail owner expanding online multi-channel e-commerce fulfillment centers.


Aurobees with its robust integrated single platform enables companies to expand and transform their operations into an SLA-driven high-performance e-commerce operation. The system is designed to scale up for small, medium, and enterprise-level organizations as per the operational requirements at the lowest possible cost on the cloud.

E-commerce fulfillment center management can have a 360˚ view of the order status with real-time updates of accurate inventory stock in multiple marketplaces.  Aurobees order activity status visibility provides the fulfillment center team to achieve 100% on-time order fulfillment of different priorities. The system provides an alert if the orders are getting due in the next few hours and need urgent attention.

Aurobees has the standard API interface to connect with the e-commerce eco-system thus enabling the shorter go-to-market time for an e-commerce business. The company can empower its e-commerce fulfillment operations by connecting with ERPs, online webstores, marketplaces, last-mile delivery providers, e-commerce enablers, and other systems (like payment gateways, banks).

With the growing adoption of smart devices worldwide and increasing propensity for online ordering, e-commerce sales are aggressively growing. Aurobees provides a platform to manage high order volumes that is scalable and configurable. It provides a facility to configure the workflow and strategies to automate the allocation of 100% correct stock, label printing based on different last-mile delivery providers, autosuggestion of location for picking, followed by customized packaging, faster QC, and handover to last-mile delivery process.


360   View Of The Order Status

Faster & Seamless Collaboration

​ Managing E-Commerce Sales Growth

Aurobees provides the optimized processes to efficiently manage multiple brands shared by multiple SMEs under one roof. It provides the feature to have efficient location & product management, slotting based on brand, batch control based on shelf life, and system-directed put-away on suggested location.

The system also provides the facility to track inventory levels, manage return items by providing faster back to the shelf for re-selling the items, configurable workflow for damaged goods, easy cancellation of orders, and back to warehouse process for reallocation to new orders.

Aurobees helps the e-commerce fulfilment center to save time, warehouse space and hence save money by providing features to maximize the use of resources such as equipment and people. This is achieved by utilizing the configurable workflow to standardize processes, reduce error rates, minimize inventory shrinkage, utilize labour with task/activity management, paperless & mobility-enabled operations, stock & status visibility, and process automation.



Save Time, Space & Money

Multiple Brands Storage & Operations Management

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