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  • Global Track & Trace
  • Export & Import
  • Consolidation / De-Consolidation
  • Multimodal
  • Integrated Warehouse Management
  • Document Generation & E-Doc
  • Notifications & Exceptions
  • Contract & Billing



  • Job Level PNL

Aurobees is a complete solution for managing exports, imports, inland freight operations for the customers, and also for agents to operate different modes of transport. You can perform your daily operations with a simple internet connection. Bundled with various tools, it will help to reduce the overall lead-time for tracking, documentation, and billing.

Aurobees also helps a freight forwarder to extend the services to customers with an integrated solution of warehouse management, last-mile delivery, and contract logistics.

The solution helps the freight forwarder to execute integrated services at origin & destination with extended value-added services such as last-mile delivery, storage, and warehouse operations. The services can be executed independently against the same customer shipment helping end-to-end visibility and status to the customer. The services can be assigned to various internal business units or outsourced to a 3PL agent to manage the P&L accordingly.

Data-controlled, access-driven, and flexible last-minute amendment features help the documentation team to efficiently manage documentation required for the operations. Multiple versions of the last edited and printed document help to keep track of the changes in case of any audit requirement. e-Documents can be stored in Aurobees at various levels (booking, shipment level) eliminating a complete manual filing process.


End-To-End Services to Customer

Powerful Document Management

Aurobees enables multi-dimensional tracking for the shipments depending on the customer requirements. We can track the shipment at shipment, container, cargo, package, and document level. Milestones and activities can be defined based on the standard SOPs and tailor-made as per customer requirements. Mobility-based solutions are enabled to track and update the milestones on a real-time basis. KPIs can be set at each mile-stone for various stakeholders that will not only help to fine-tune the internal process but also enable better customer transparency.

Aurobees can help to maintain buy and sell rates that will enable the accuracy of revenue invoicing to customers as well as receiving cost invoices from the service providers. The solution can manage multi-currency billing that enables freight forwarders to deal with local as well as international customers. Powerful and fully configurable tax compliance will ensure the invoices are taxed as per the federal requirements. With proper workflow, exceptions, authentication processes, Aurobees can streamline all the billing processes that will eliminate current errors and backlogs in invoicing.


Multi-Dimensional Track & Trace

Efficient Billing Process

Timely notifications and exceptions from Aurobees will enable operations to be “Proactive” rather than “Reactive”. This is designed to work on an exception-based solution that will help operations with the right notifications at the right time. As an SOP, we can configure “Pre-Alerts” to pre-plan the activities on time, “Alerts” that will notify for any event occurrence, and finally “Exceptions” which will monitor and notify for any missed activities that will help to mitigate the issues on time. This function will help to improve the organization’s operational efficiency and better customer stickiness.


Alert & Exception Management


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