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  • Enable Website 
  • Global Inventory Visibility
  • Inbound & Outbound 
  • Paperless Mobility Operations
  • Inventory & Location Management
  • Transfer & Returns
  • Cycle Count & Adjustment
  • Label Printing
  • Packaging, Bundling & VAS
  • Storage and Handling Billing 
  • Notifications and Exceptions


Aurobees WMS is a cloud-based solution that helps to streamline and orchestrate WMS activities. It offers management for multiple warehouses and multiple clients using a single platform. Multi-location, inventory, replenishment, task allocation, cycle count, and returns are easily managed from a centralized platform. Aurobees helps boost warehouse efficiency whilst improving accuracy and management of inventory as well as controlling the utilization of available resources.

Client-wise and product-wise workflows help to control the movement and storage of materials within an operation as well as to process them. The system executes processes such as receiving the inbound transaction, put-away/flow-through, and inventory management apart from internal processing like cycle count, internal transfers, changing goods’ status, pickup for outbound loading & shipping, statistical & management reports, quotation & billing, and customer tracking for visibility & search functionalities.

Aurobees provides a platform to handle the end-to-end operations right from order capture to last-mile delivery and tracking complete order fulfilment. Helping you to reduce operation overloads ease your operations from new warehouse onboarding to templatizing daily operations. The system gives you an advantage of handling multi-warehouse operations like a distribution center, hub, bonded, non-bonded, etc.

In-built mobility solution which helps reduce operation lead time and increase accuracy and efficiency. The system helps customize your customer-specific operations and define SOP according to customers and products. The system suggested put-away and picking allow warehouse managers to reduce manual errors and increase accuracy.


Specially designed and secured access rights-based control for handling different types of warehouse contracts and storage billing (monthly, weekly, daily or periodic cycles). Flexible charging on different charge bases, storage types, product types, and billing types. The system will automatically calculate the charges and the rates applicable for billing. Thus, reducing the overheads on the operations and avoiding manual errors.


Warehouse Management With Pre-Defined SOP

WMS Billing and Contract Management

Eliminate Redundant Processes


Aurobees integration framework architecture provides support for interoperability with third-party systems and ERP. Aurobees standard integration framework to manage PO, advance shipment notice, sales order, goods receipt note, and delivery order. Integration with different finance systems for accounts receivable accounts payable, accrual also becomes seamless by using the Aurobees standard platform.

Standard Integration To Connect With Customer's/Vendor's ERP

Configure authorization workflows for managing tolerance limits for damage/excess/short cargo to be received. Perform cycle counts (manually & by schedule) as per customer schedule/request. Cycle count reporting also becomes easy. Exception & alerts management tools help alert customers without human intervention, this helps reduce the workload on warehouse managers. Suggest locations to pick based on strategies. For example, FEFO, FEFO, LIFO, highest order pick, lowest order pick, shelf life, etc. can be separately set in the same warehouse according to the customer's requirements.


Handling Customer Specific Operations


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