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How Digitalisation Can Make SME Business Models Viable

Digital tools and platforms have streamlined many business processes in this era, reducing the need for manual work and increased productivity. This help SMEs save time and money, enabling them to compete more effectively with larger businesses.

By leveraging digital platforms, SMEs can improve their business models and achieve sustainable growth over long term. They can collect and analyze data about their business operations, including customer behaviour and preferences, sales patterns, and supply chain performance allowing them to make more informed decisions and optimize business processes.

Adopting Aurobees, a cloud-based storage solution can streamline internal processes and improve efficiency. Thus, SMEs can manage customer data, automate repetitive tasks, track projects, and collaborate with team members, resulting in time and cost savings.

Today, digital platforms enable SMEs to expand their reach beyond local or regional markets. With international shipping and online marketplaces, they can sell products globally, accessing a much larger customer base and potentially increasing revenue.

Our platform offers cost-effective alternatives to traditional business practices. Additionally, digital marketing methods are more effective compared to traditional advertising channels, allowing SMEs to allocate their limited resources more efficiently. In digital marketing, by leveraging tools such as search engine optimization, social media advertising, and email marketing, they can expand their customer base and increase sales.

To achieve the dream of $5-trillion economy, MSME sector in India needs to part of a bigger picture. Hence, it is important for SMEs to carefully plan and execute their digitalization strategies, considering their specific business needs, target market, and available resources. Embracing digital technologies can help SMEs overcome limitations associated with their size and resources, enabling them to compete in today's digital-driven business landscape. Technology upgradation, innovation and digitisation, if done artistically, could prove to be a revolution for MSMEs in India.

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