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Aurobees WMS is a cloud-based solution that helps to streamline and orchestrate WMS activities. It offers management for multiple warehouses and multiple clients using a single platform. Multi-location, inventory, replenishment, task allocation, cycle count, and returns are easily managed from a centralized platform. Aurobees helps boost warehouse efficiency whilst improving accuracy and management of inventory as well as controlling the utilization of available resources.

Client-wise and product-wise workflows help to control the movement and storage of materials within an operation as well as to process them. The system executes processes such as receiving the inbound transaction, put-away/flow-through, and inventory management apart from internal processing like cycle count, internal transfers, changing goods’ status, pickup for outbound loading & shipping, statistical & management reports, quotation & billing, and customer tracking for visibility & search functionalities.

About us

Go Online

SMEs can instantly connect with multiple local and global e-commerce marketplaces to scale up the business growth by going online.


Notifications allow customers to track their shipment from the time it leaves the warehouse until it is delivered.

 Inventory Visibility

Provides an agile e-commerce fulfilment warehouse mobility-based solution which can easily manage high/peak order volumes in a very low operational cost.

Transfer & Returns

Optimize your storage capacity, making the inventory handling process faster with stock transfer. Boost your returns management efficiency with improved inventory transparency.

Inbound & Outbound

By optimising inbound and outbound logistics, you can experience faster deliveries, access improved visibility, and anticipate when your item will arrive.

Cycle Count

Allows businesses to conduct a regular count of several items in different areas in a warehouse without constantly adding up the entire inventory.

Mobility Operations

Provides the ability to manage the business with both mobile app and the web. SMEs can easily keep a track of every product, order, and customer in real-time.

Label Printing

Identify items within the storage facility with reference to the areas assigned for stacking it.

Mantra to transform your business to

Ecommerce has led today’s B2B warehouses to serve both online and offline orders, which has allowed current logistics companies to extend the services to clients doing B2C operations. Aurobees, with its robust integrated single platform, enables logistics players to expand their current B2B operations into SLA-driven high-performance ecommerce fulfilment centres.

Start omnichannel online store
Ecommerce & borderless commerce

Connect to multiple market places 
Enable ecommerce fulfilment centre
Inventory and location management
Last mile delivery

Pricing 2

End-to-End warehouse solution

Maximize productivity 

Powerful billing & contract management

Handling customer operations

Standard integrataions APIs 

Paperless mobility based operations

Streamline your
B2B warehousing operations

Warehouse operations are becoming more challenging to fulfill customer requirements. Aurobees WMS is a cloud-based solution which helps streamline and orchestrate WMS activities. It offers management for multiple warehouses and multiple clients using a single platform. Multi-location, inventory management, replenishment, task allocation, cycle count, returns and other processes are easily managed from a centralized platform. 

Industries we cater to

Freight Forwarding









Onboarding Aurobees was the easiest task with a supportive team to guide throughout the journey. It gives us scalability with the least amount of initial investment providing a robust digital platform for managing end-to-end e-commerce fulfilment.

Due to the large demand in buying books, we intend to enhance the buying experience hassle-free. Thus, Aurobees has helped us to create an even more user-friendly cloud-based platform by connecting the portal to multiple marketplaces.

With Aurobees, we have got scalable infrastructure to manage high and peak season e-commerce order volumes. Its mobility-based order fulfilment, data models to connect to the reporting tool and an expert team have made us consider the platform.

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